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Unitein Toothpaste

Retains Original Clean Teeth Restores Gingivital Cells Repairs Tooth Decay & Tooth Loss Resists Receding Gums & Sensitive Teeth Reduce Bleeding, Odor, Plague & Inflammation “After two weeks with frankincense, severe gingivitis and tartar disappeared.” ~ 28-year-old male “Gum is restored a bit!” ~ 36-year-old female “The best toothpaste for gum disease” ~ 51-year-old male […]

Unitein Red Ginseng Pills

Weight: 200 g Origin: South Korea Effects:  The globules contain red ginseng (processed with nine times of steam and sun-dry), soybean, and dried tangerine peel, processed with fermentation and heat. Provide a soothing effect to refractory illness. This product carries three patents. Excellent in DNA repair, anti-aging, detoxification, boosting immunity, physical strength, dissolving fat, and […]

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