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◎ 60 Patches / Package

  • If used daily (6 patches per day), each package lasts 10 days.
  • 10 days of treatment

Quest Wise’s Anti-fatigue nutritional eye patch is made in Japan under strict quality control standards using 100% herbal ingredients. These include Pipewort, Borneol, Azone, Mint, Licorice Root, and Chrysanthemum. The menthol effect of these ingredients stimulates tearing to alleviate dry eyes, counter fatigue, and soothe seasonal allergy symptoms.

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I’m currently in my 60s and for many years I struggled with presbyopia. This is an eye condition that makes it difficult for me to see things up close and clearly. As I’ve aged my vision has become progressively worse. For example, when working on the computer, my vision would eventually become blurry making it difficult to see the screen text clearly. On some occasions, I’ve experienced floaters where it looks like small flecks are passing across my eyes. When one of my friends recommended QUEST WISE eye patches, I decided to give them a try.

I followed the instructions that came inside the package by applying the six small eye patches on the healing positions around my eyes. Three on each side. Immediately, I smelled a strong aroma with coolness that made me feel refreshed. My eyes began to tear. It wasn’t painful at all and I simply kept blinking until they finally adapted to the sensations. This lasted about six minutes before I could see normally.

I was surprised how the eye patches worked so quickly, I guess regulating the eye nerves. This was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I’ve made. Now I carry a small package of the patches with me for emergencies and to relieve eye fatigue.

~ Clear Zhang

How It Works

Drawing from the wisdom of traditional medicine, QUEST WISE has developed a safe and
effective alternative to relieve dry eyes, eye fatigue, and seasonal allergy symptoms.

QUEST WISE relieves dry eyes

Acupoints Stimulating Eye Rejuvenation

Using the ancient method of acupressure, the eye patches are applied to different acupoints surrounding the eyes, triggering the body’s natural healing powers.

QUEST WISE relieves eye strain

Unique Chinese Herbal Ingredients 

In addition to the gentle acupoint massage, the eye patches are infused with a formula of six different natural herbs: Pipewort, Borneol, Azone, Mint, Chrysanthemum, and Licorice root.

QUEST WISE cataracts treatment

Deep Penetration to the Acupoints

The active ingredients are absorbed through the layers of skin and serve to stimulate natural tears and relieve eye stress.

How To Use

QUEST WISE Eye Patches for eye strain

1. Wash and cleanse eye area

Before applying QUEST WISE patches, cleaning the eye
area helps with the essence absorption.

QUEST WISE Eye Patches for eye strain

2. Remove eye patches from packaging

Carefully remove QUEST WISE eye patches from packaging.
A total of 6 patches is needed for each use.

3. Apply patches as illustrated

Gently apply QUEST WISE eye patches on 8 acupoints
around the eyes. This usually make your eyes tear a little bit.

4. Allow essence to be absorbed

After applying the patches, you can resume your study or
go to bed. Patches are for single use. Best if applied before 11:00 PM,
keep on for 6-8 hours. Patches can be removed in the morning
after wetting eye area

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to tear?

Tearing is a normal reaction. If dry eyes and cataracts are severe, tearing will be more serious, which means that the filthy stuff from the eye cells and tissues is flowing out.

What degree of pollen allergy will be effective?

There is no cure for pollen allergy itself, but itchy eyes caused by pollen allergy have a very good effect.

Can all myopia be treated?

Pseudo-myopia can be greatly improved in 3 months, and many children can completely remove their glasses. It is irreversible for myopia, but our eye patches can prevent nearsightedness from worsening, especially for children before the age of 22. The effect is very obvious.

Can eye strain and dry eyes resulting from excessive screen time be relieved immediately?

Generally speaking, it takes effect within 2 minutes. You can close your eyes for a few minutes after putting on the eye patch.

Is there a cure for presbyopia?

There is a certain curative effect. The result will be even more noticeable if applied daily for 3 months.

Can it only be applied at night?

No, it can be applied at any time when the eyes are uncomfortable.

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  1. I love the eye patches. I’m finally clear eyed in the morning after wearing them over night. Thank you.

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  2. I am 62 with cataracts and either look at a computer screen or read a book all my waking hours. My eyes get so fatigued that I have to go to bed. I ordered these eye patches and gained significant relief using them from the first use. I noticed that they’re applied to the eye pressure points I learned to massage (except for the ones in the eyebrows) so that made great sense. The first time I put them on I washed my face very well and put nothing on. I did this while getting ready for bed. Usually this is around 9pm and I watch tv and read until about 11pm. As soon as I put them on my eyes were reacting like a burning feeling but not painful. I certainly couldn’t keep them open. After about 30 minutes I could watch tv and read ok, although I was really getting alot of feeling around my eyes. Wore them all night and they didn’t come off. I didn’t need to use them again for a week. This time I washed my face but applied my usual skin care. The patches still adhered and lasted all night. I knew to put them on just before sleep. I haven’t had to use them again for awhile now. I highly recommend these eye patches.

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  3. I love using these patches at night. They help relieve my dry eye symptoms giving me a more comfortable nights sleep.That helps me wake up refreshed. These work for me!

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  4. I am a senior citizen so my issues are different than those of younger people. My eyes were red and often mildly hurt. I experienced it as just being tired. I saw this ad and was curious. I loved the concept of pressure points on the eye but had no idea if the patches would make a difference for me. I felt I had nothing to lose. It was hard to get into the routine of putting them on every night and I stumbled a bit but I noticed quickly that my eyes just have felt better each day after using them. At first my eyes teared a great deal but it’s getting better every day. I actually really love these patches. . They simply make my eyes feel good. It’s that simple. I can see them working for anyone who looks at screens all day or reads a lot. . It’s a subtle change for me but I embrace it.

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  5. Suffered from Dry Eyes for years. Tried everything for relief. Finally something that works. Thank you.

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